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Free State Reporting is a nationwide court reporting and transcription services company, based out of Annapolis, MD. Our team prides themselves on great service. Say hello!

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Free State Office

Mailing Address

Free State Reporting, Inc.
1378 Cape St. Claire Road
Annapolis, MD 21409

Satellite Office
1362 Cape St. Claire Road
Annapolis, MD 21409

Phone Numbers

800-231-TYPE (toll free)
410-974-0297 (fax)
410-757-4369 (Satellite)

Employee Lookup

If you know the role of the employee you're looking for, please select it below to find the corresponding contact information.

Debbie Serio
Chief Administrative Officer ext: 303

Jack Becker
Chief Operations Officer ext: 302

Carolyn Burns
Contract Administrator
410-757-6337 ext: 308

Debbie O’Konek
Contract Administrator
410-757-6337 ext: 309

Terri Trauth
Contract Administrator
410-757-4369 ext: 14

Shelby Shover
Contract Administrator
410-757-6337 ext: 306

Brandy Wainright
Contract Administrator
410-757-4369 ext: 21

Michelle Lee
Contract Administrator
410-757-4369 ext: 13


Christy Behlke
Transcription Manager 410-757-6337 ext: 311